Fishing on the Estuary is done by two main methods.

By boat: starting with the tide flooding approximately two and a half hrs before high water until the tide drops again. The tide moves fast in the estuary and on either fly or spinner the fish "hit hard"

It is important to understand the dangers associated with the fishing, so members need to discuss with experienced fishers.

From the Bank: fish could be caught at all times but generally bank fishing starts on a dropping tide, in many cases until it floods again, mostly commencing 3 hrs after high water.

If you're unsure about the tides look at this website Tides4Fishing (click for access)

Spinning with small lures like the "Sutherland Special" is a preferred method, but anything that represents the sea trout's prey is fair game.

Here you see a sea trout with it's prey - sand eels being regurgitated.

When compared to a 50p piece you can see theese are quite large, so streamer fly representations are successful - watch the terns, they can mistake for the real thing!